Picture Restoration
since 1980
Nick Seversway
Covid 19

During the covid crisis the studio will still be operating. In the interests of everyone, social distancing will be maintained. Work can be dropped off at the gate at a pre-arranged time and consultation made by phone, email, whatsapp or your preferred app. I am happy to answer any queries you may have in the meantime. Stay safe . Nick


Fig 1

Fig 2

French Classical Genre painting.

Diana and her attendants.

This painting was heavily overpainted and crudely filled. It had been patched on many occasions Fig3. These were removed prior the lining.

There were at least four different hands that had 'restored' the painting.

In order to bring the original back to life all the old overpaint, filler, dirt and varnish was removed. Beneath this, the original painting was badly damaged. Fig4/6

The drawing had been altered and the colours modified Fig4/5.

Fig 6 shows some of the old damages that the painting had suffered.

Each restoration had worked on top of the other so that the original gradually was distorted.

There were weaknesses in the original but I felt it was better to show them as the artist intended rather than try to 'improve'

the drawing.

After cleaning the damages were filled and retouched. The paint loses were retouched until the painting finally became whole again. Fig7/8


Fig 4

Fig 6

Fig 5

Fig 8

fig 7


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