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James Burrell Smith was a painter in both oils and watercolours, who was born in the South of England. In 1843 he moved to Northumberland where he studied under Thomas Miles Richardson for about 5 years. After moving to London in 1854, he became a drawing master with Dickenson of Bond Street and it was at this point, that he built up a teaching practice and concentrated on watercolour painting.

  • Subject : Classical building by river

  • Artist     : James Burrell Smith              

  • Signed  :  J.Burrell Smith 1889

  • Size       :  42cm x 30cm

  • Medium:  Watercolour

  • Price   :    £1200

This painting is framed with a high end conservation  mountboard which is light-fast and acid-free. The hinge backs are the same quality. It is enhanced with a hand drawn washline mount. The glass is sealed to prevent dust or bugs getting to the picture.

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